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  1. Thank you very much @MaLd0n but where to put the DSDT file ?
  2. it causes the vga to disfunction, this is the DPCIManager sees the audio card, and the Hackintool doesn't provide any info images
  3. I don't know how to inject audio layout to config.plist, when I changed the argument key in boot dictionary, no sounds work also the VGA malfunction, I don't know what to do my laptop is Lenovo z5070, and there is no information about audio codec in Hackintool, but I used the hexa code, and I find that it is ALC282.
  4. https://filebin.net/ze4fhbwxy5no1gak Audio and WIFI and VGA.
  5. I'am new to hackintosh world, I installed Olarila Cataline on my laptop Z5070, but the ethernet isn't working so any help will be appreciated
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