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  1. Ok I am guessing you wanted me to send you my ioreg file, here it is, thank you giftstudio.ioreg.zip
  2. Ok, can you explain this? "inject tables quirks and other things in other systems" what do I need to do? Also sleep is not working properly, the fans cycle and the computer turns back on after a few secs. Here is the Thunderbolt SSDT I am using SSDT-TB3HP KA.aml
  3. WOW! thank you for this detailed list. My Gigabyte Titan Ridge 2.0 thunderbolt card does not work anymore. I flashed the card using CaseySJ method. It was working before DSDT. Please help as thunderbolt is very important. Also when I boot to windows I get a BSOD saying ACPI error thunderbolt not working.zip
  4. Awesome, I will start working on the USB ports. The first question though: Can you please tell me what this DSDT file did differently from what I had? What will this fix? Also when I go to my system report under PCI devices it says my GPUs are in slot 1 and 2, but my GPUs are in slots 3 and 5. Will this be an issue? Thanks system report.png.zip
  5. Thank you so much! I replaced the SSDTs and loaded only the DSDT file. I was able to boot. Can you please tell me what this DSDT file did differently from what I had? What will this fix? Also do you have any other options for a USB kext for the 15 port limit? I tried loading the older ones from here: https://github.com/KGP/XHC-USB-Kext-Library/blob/master/DJ7-iMacPro-ASUS-WSX299S10G-XHCI.kext.zip but with this when I first boot I get error of an unregistered kext file and the computer wont boot. Any ideas? Thanks!
  6. OK THANK YOU! Here is the new sendme file, with the new config.plist file loaded. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oFKf94adx4lwwdIq9ga2cwRIyYnPA0rp/view?usp=sharing
  7. Hi, just donated to you thank you so much, here is my send me from runme.app drive.google.com/file/d/1wznrmtFv5VbFUPFJ0e7zig2TnktZ5Uup/view?usp=sharing
  8. Hi thank you for the reply, but this is for clover not opencore. I followed your vanilla install with opencore config. Hi I would like to donate to you, I need a custom DSDT made for my sage10g x299. When I click on "DSDT patch request it says (this page cant be found) can you please give me the info I need to donate and can I send you my "send me" system file from runme.app? Thank you so much!
  9. Hi, I am so glad you are gracious and helping the hack community. I would like to move to opencore as I have been running into many issues with my clover hack. Could you supply a SSDT I need for my Asus Sage 10G, or a link to EFI folder? Thank you so much! specs are: Intel i9 7980xe CPU Asus Sage 10 G x299 mobo 128gb of Gskill sniper X ddr4 3200 2X Radeon VII GPU in slot 3 and one in slot 5 Gigabyte Titan Ridge Thunderbolt Card (flashed using Casey method) in slot 2 Asus NVME pci card in slot 1 with 2TB NVME
  10. Can you please post your efi folder? I am trying to get a good open core config on my sage10. Also I can help you with the nic card problem, both of mine work nativley. Thanks!
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