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  1. hi maldob i had little problem when i change to ssd nvme i can't dual boot os how to fix its? thank you
  2. hi maldon how to fix stuck on Apple logo loadingbar? thank you
  3. i had work it install bigsur just little my wifi and ethernet can detect its. can you help this kext? thank maldon
  4. i had restart with this efi clover. can you help me i had download with install script fullapp
  5. this work with old catalina premade Efi from clover? i want try it or maybe its just update from AppStore its work its? i just afraid if failure to restore Catalina again . thank you maldon
  6. i had just litte problem maldon, when im restart or shutdown sometimes stuck in apple logo and progress bar a half. what mean stuck in apple logo? but sometimes successfully login with full progressbar.
  7. my hardware acer e5 475g intel hd i5 7200 ssd128gb with 12gb ram and my sound and my igpu is unable , [IGPU] graphics driver failed to load: could not register with framebuffer driver! can you help fix its? thank you maldon config3.plist.zip
  8. hi i had problem cpu temperature to hot 80°C and restart suddenly, so any suggestion to reduce cpu temperature? thank
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