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  1. Actually the notebook runs catalina, but when I try to upgrade to Big Sur, there's a panic. The question is why the recovery works, but the system doesn't. Does anyone have any suggestions? Edit: Fixed. Only touchpad not working.
  2. On my Lenovo S340 (1035G1), EFI works. But display brightness is still very low, do u know how to fix this? Also battery status is not displayed. Trackpad, dont work too.
  3. Hi, yesterday I build my new System for hackintosh. Actually, macOS High Sierra runs. But I want upgrade to Catalina and I want to change to OpenCore cause I'd made better experiences than with clover. Now, I tried the EFI-Folders from here (X99 Chipset, OpenCore, Haswell): When boot into OpenCore and select the installter, many text is on screen and two seconds later the system make reboot. Error Log from OC is in atachment. Did anyone know how to fix this? The specs: - 2x Xeon E5 2676v3 (12 Core) - X99 Huananzhi Motherboard - 64GB 2133MHz Corsair Vengeance LPX - Vega 56 I would be very grateful for help because i have heard good things about this forum... panic-2020-10-07-195950.txt.zip
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