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  1. I downloaded the Vanilla Image with Clover I think is this compatible as I get always "... is missing" Also I'm a bit unsure which Version to take.
  2. That worked like a charm. Thank you. Problem is that even with the Chipset 10 20 30 files it gets only to the "+++++++++" Also the chipset 5,6,7,8,9 do not work. It gets to the "++++++++" as well
  3. Hi there, it seems that I cannot get Mojave, High Sierra or Catalina to boot correctly. It stops after loading something and there are a lot of "++++++++++++++++++++++++" to see. I tried an USB 2.0 Stick, an USB 3.0 stick and a SD Card and it stops everytime at these "+++" Does someone know how to handle that. The system I use is a Fujitsu Esprimo Q920 MiniPC with a Core i5 4590T CPU, 8 Gigs of Ram and a 256 GB SSD.
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