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  1. I already have the same settings as you shown in the picture . This message is shown the boot picker is displayed.Please help. Pic.zip
  2. In opencore boot picker apfs drives are not showing up.
  3. My laptop have i3-1005G1 .First i was not getting graphics acceleration. After changing the pci root configs i think the graphics is detected and backlight is detected but afte the IO Console users .. in verbose output the display goes blank.Nothing is displayed but the system is running. Please help.
  4. Man can you share your efi. I have not yet got acceleration. Sorry bro when i try to upload the efi i prepaired for you in gmail it was not uploading stuck when it reach 3/4th of the loading bar.
  5. Have you got grafics acceleration in your laptop
  6. I cannot share the link here give me your telegram or instagram account link.
  7. I think yow have downloaded image that is for original mac or you did not unzip the compressed file containing the image or try using transmac. If it also doesnt work let me know. I will provide the link from where i downloaded.
  8. Niresh Catalina is old for your system so you need to use Gib Mac Os method and make a installation drive using latest catalina version.I reccomond catalina 15.6 or later
  9. That is because Since 0.6.1 is AppleSecureBoot implemented. Add in your config.plist into Misc-Security string key named SecureBootModel with value Disabled. or use GibMacOS method which is pure vanilla
  10. Sure. My EFI is little larger so i attached the link here because there is size limit for attching files. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jvnUnarrz6buX1ftp-S8yxcOmQF0Oaml/view?usp=sharing
  11. I installed Catalina 15.2 on my dell Inspiron 3593 laptop >Intel Core i3 1005G1 @1.2Ghz ( Ice Lake ) >4 Gb ram >Intel UHD graphics for 10th gen proccessors ( G1) The system boots into mac os but there is no graphics acceleration. Please help.
  12. How to report. My laptop have intel uhd graphics(Comet Lake) G1 is there any patch to make it work.
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