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  1. Hi, MaLd0n I trying to update my hack from Big Sur 11.3 to Monterey beta, but can't finish 2nd stage - i get panic and reboot despite of keepsyms=1 and debug=0x100. How can I determine reason of this? Clover debug logs tells nothing. Thank you.
  2. Thank you for answer. I'm not use fakecpuid. Now i tried to load with DSDT from this post - there are no errors with IOPCIFamily. So trouble in my DSDT.
  3. Hi, MaLd0n ! I just update my Lenovo IdeaPad S340 to MacOS Monterey. All works fine but in random time I get error from photo. Same error I get when choose Reboot or Shut Down. Can you help me?
  4. Hi, MaLd0n! I use BigSur 11.1 with Lenovo IdeaPad S340. All works great, but I don't get any OS updates with Software Update - it says that I use latest OS version. All apps get their updates with AppStore. Can you help me?
  5. Hi! Asus USB-N10 Nano will work with https://github.com/chris1111/Wireless-USB-Big-Sur-Adapter I used this to work with TP-Link W821N. Hope that it will be helpful.
  6. Hi! Did you use this images and EFI folder for your chipset?
  7. Hi! I installed successfully Big Sur on Mac mini late 2012 with this instruction: https://andv.medium.com/how-to-install-big-sur-to-mac-mini-late-2012-9d674b563174 I think installation on your Mac will be same. Hope it will be helpful for you.
  8. Hi! For enable WI-FI you can use itlwm.kext and HeliPort from OpenIntelWireless https://github.com/OpenIntelWireless
  9. Thank you for answer. Now I can't remap because I can't logon into system - mouse and keyboard not working. I've trying to boot from USB with image for my chipset - no changes. Is there any ways to fix it without reinstallation of system? Thank you for answer. I use Clover - there are no such quirk. Changing port has no effect.
  10. Hi MaLd0n! I successfully update my Z490 to MacOS BigSur 11.3 beta 2. It was long but finished successfully. But now I faced a problem that my USB ports not working. They works at Clover picker, but when system loaded into login screen I can't type my password because USB-keyboard and USB-mouse not working. After selecting boot device and loading started, light on my my mouse start blinking and then it goes out. Can you help me? Thank you!
  11. Hi! Today i tried to connect a sound card UAD Apollo Arrow Thunderbolt but get error "Cannot use Thunderbolt accessory. Thunderbolt accessories are not supported on this Mac". Tried to change SMBios to iMac20,1 and get same error. Can you give some ideas how to fix it? Сan this be due to the fact that the TB3-card is not defined as onboard? Edit: checked in Hackintool - in case when TB3 device connected before power on it defined as connected to USB3 connector. Thank you.
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