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  1. The Vanilla Olarila Image method you mentioned didn't work too. I can't get to install screen because I still got the same error... https://imgur.com/b552H1c Also, I only got 2 variable in ERAM field and both are 8, so that means I don't need a battery patch? https://imgur.com/cG9eG8c
  2. Hi MaLd0n, Thank you for a quick response. 😃 Did you mean this patch?
  3. I always get this kind of error about EC0.BAT0 no matter which tutorial I do (e.g. olarila, opencore) I can't find any solution on the internet. Pls help me https://imgur.com/b552H1c Attached file: dsdt extracted from my laptop (Lenovo Legion 5 15IMH05H) P.S. Sorry for asking kinda dumb question, but how can I follow all these turotials on this website without having MacOS installed in the first place? Especially some tasks that require running an app directly on the 'target' machine (like RunMe.app). Currently, I do everything inside a Mac VM. Thank you dsdt.dsl
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