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  1. Ok I am very very close to getting this finalized. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT METHOD TO USE TO SET PROPER RESOLUTION FOR MY INTERNAL DISPLAY? With opencore. So close please help. Opencore keeps setting the wrong resolution and is only allowing incorrect resolutions for the display.
  2. No luck. Graphics acceleration works and the display is detected by Catalina. Shows as 1440P 70hz resolution which surface pro is not compatible with. Also it does not set the internal display as internal. Does anyone know how to control or customize display settings with OpenCore? If we can resolve this we will have a full upgrade to OpenCore from Clover.
  3. It is the Intel Core i5-7300U if we can resolve this issue it will be a HUGE accomplishment and I will definitely give credit for helping out. Like I said Clover doesn't have this issue but I would MUCH rather go with OpenCore. Runs far better.
  4. Nope that boot flag did not fix the issue unfortunately. The internal display seems to be on and recognized by the OS in settings but still just black with the backlight on it seems.
  5. You need to place the nullethernet.kext in your kext folder and the .aml file in your ACPI folder. That should fix your issue. Be sure to add the entries to your open core config.plist You will know it is working by seeing a generic ethernet connection in your network settings. Then just sign in to all as usual. Very true.
  6. Not yet that is a new one to try. Just got it to update to Big Sur but still the issue is present. I will report back as soon as I try that boot flag. Much appreciated.
  7. Hello hope everyone is doing well. Have the surface pro 2017 i5 hd620 and got full graphics acceleration working. The MAIN issue is the internal display stays black and I only get display through display port. The internal display seems to be on and recognized by Display Manager but I can not get the screen to work properly. Looks like that backlight is on with a black screen on the internal display. The display port/external display works perfect audio and all. Any help would be AMAZING.
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