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  1. I followed I a guy guide with an i7 Haswell and used his OpenCore EFI. Problem solved
  2. Hi everyone, today i was trying hackintosh my pc, but everytime it got freezed in installation, sometimes on language chooser, sometimes during the first installation, then i need to reboot to try again. But i noticed it only happens when my SSD is plugged, when i tried to unplug it and install directly to another usb stick, i can install normally with no freezing. Tried booting from 2 different pen drives and an SD card, it freezes when trying to install on SSD. Ps.: I can install linux and windows successfully on the SSD; My SSD is an m2 sata, that i use with an adapter to sata port, 'cause my mobo don't have an m2 slot My build: i3-4170, h81m-e33, gigabyte GTX-750ti (but using HD Graphics for mojave) EFI.zip
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