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  1. Greetings MaLd0n! Thank you for your help in the past. Everything is fine right now, but I really need your help this time. Currently I'm trying to enable xcpm mode. I followed some instructions and patches but still failed, which made my benchmark result against the same CPUs pretty bad. Can you help me or show me how to turn on xcpm? https://browser.geekbench.com/v5/cpu/compare/3431413?baseline=3876043 Thanks! DSDT.aml.zip SSDT-CpuPm.aml.zip
  2. Here is my IOReg file. Please help me. Thanks! MacOS’s iMac Pro.zip
  3. Greetings MadL0n! Sorry for the inconvenience. I am having a problem with the number of Core / Threads in the system. Greetings MadL0n! Sorry for the inconvenience. I am having a problem with the number of Core / Threads in the system. My system is limited in number of CPUs. I have tried to fix it following some instructions on internet. I tried to add SSDT-CpuPm.aml to patched folder and add boot args -xcpm_ipi, but still with no success. Can you help me? Thanks & Best Regards! EFI.zip SSDT-CpuPm.aml.zip
  4. Hi MadL0n! Everything seems perfect. There's just a little bit of a CPU missing. My system has 2 x Xeon E5-2695 v2, 2.4Ghz CPUs (12x2 = 24 Core, 48 Threads), but currently only get 8 Cores. I tried again with VoodooTSCSync.kext but still with no success. I also tried to follow some instructions to export to SSDT.aml but the same result. Can you help me fix this problem? Thanks & Best Regards! EFI.zip pcidevices.zip ssdt-gen.zip
  5. Greetings Maldon! I tried again with force kext and ssdt in the above instructions but still failed. I noticed that the path of my device is a bit different from patches and I fixed it with the path on my device, but still failed. Can you help me please? PCI List Tab: And preboot log: Thanks! EFI.zip ETHX.aml.zip
  6. Hi MaLd0n! What should I do next? Thanks & Best Regards!
  7. Here is the screenshot of the PCI List tab. Thanks!
  8. I tried and got the same results. I reset NVRAM and reboot but still with no success.
  9. I copied your DSDT.aml to EFI/ACPI/patched instead of the current DSDT file, but my computer still doesn't have an ethernet card and my HDMI port still doesn't work. How should I use the DSDT.aml file correctly? Do I need to reinstall Hackintosh? And sometimes I get this error when booting. Thanks! EFI.zip
  10. Hi MaLd0n, This is my send me file. Thanks! Send me MacOSs-iMac-Pro.zip
  11. I tried all the remaining ports and the result got 1 displayable. So now what can I do to display at HDMI port? I am trying to install hackintosh onto my system via DP port. I have trouble installing the network card. When I selected Local Ethernet the system crashed and rebooted. I had to ignore it but when it booted up my system failed to connect to the network. What should I do next?
  12. Hi MaLd0n, This is rec one video with boot i with -v. Would you mind watching for help. Thanks & Best Regards!
  13. UEFI SettingsTo access your BIOS/UEFI, press and hold Delete key on your Keyboard and then set the following.Set Optimized Defaults.Set Intel(R) VT-d to Disabled.Set VGA Priority to Offboard.Set Serial Port to Disabled.Set SOL Serial Port to Disabled.Set Boot Mode Select to UEFI.Save & Exit Setup. Yes, the system is running in UFEI mode. What should I do next?
  14. I tried the EFI package for mobo x99, but I got 1 error like this: And finally the black screen. EFI: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16qgQDN1k43KcRIgkgFNW32jP10kZ9CoV/view?usp=sharing Please help me! P/S: I got an error after donating to you, until now I still can't upload 10Mb file. I sent you a message with donate information. Can you check again for me? Thanks & Best Regards!
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