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  1. Good day, i manage to get the Catalina script to run, however, i notice my hard drive isn't showing for me to download it. Can you help me?
  2. How do I do that? It is not loading and I use rufus to do the transfer my file to the USB and it is not showing on my computer.
  3. I am trying to its saying its too big. I am new this forum can tell me another way I can post it. https://imgur.com/a/eRcfWXx Here you go. This is after I downloaded the image again from the olarila.
  4. It didnt work. The script didn't run. It says security policy loaded: apple mobile file integrity (AMFI) Calling mpo_policy_init for Sandbox security policy loaded: Seatbelt sandbox policy (Sandbox) Calling mpo_policy_init for Sandbox security policy loaded: Quarantine policy (Quarantine) Calling mpo_policy_init for Quarantine *Do you know what I did wrong here?
  5. Okay, I will try that thanks. Can you tell me why my trackpad and wifi isn't working. Is this something I will need to patch once I have OS installed. If so, what patch should I use? Thank you so much for actually replying. I am so glad I left Tonymac and join your page.
  6. I did not think I extract anything. At would point would I have exacted the image. All I did was download the image and then copied to the drive.
  7. Good day, I download the olarila catalina 10.15.3 with the preload image. It booted yesterday but later last night it didn't boot. I re-download the image to see if that would help, but it didn't. Please assist. I am using HP-15" running UHD 620 with i5 8th generation. Quad core
  8. Good day, Can some please assist me with my Hackintosh installation. I used the Olarila image because it was pre-loaded with the kexts, and patches I thought. However, I am finding that my trackpad, wifi, and bluetooth aren't working. I tried to install some patches via clove config, but i only messed it up as the system didn't boot at all after that. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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