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  1. Here it is thanks for your time haha : https://easyupload.io/ptjudn The config.plist you gave me broke the touchpad maybe kext conflict
  2. Here it is : RUNME I will install DW1560 if this matter
  3. Hello I managed to configure all my opencore config and all but need a DSDT patch since my processor is I3-3130U Here is my DSDT from iASL https://filebin.net/0lh7aruyxryz41v7 Just donated for your awesome work, thanks ! EDIT : will post Send Me file asap (i'm on windows right now)
  4. What do we need to modify in config.plist for i3-8130U for it to work ? Does it work with vanilla installation ? I have everything working expect wifi with another EFI from Lenovo 330-15IKB with same I3 processor But your DSDT seems better optimized so asking 😛
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