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  1. Thank you! Me to... ( I will continue to use Mojave.
  2. Thank you! Stuck (( Clover 5126: OpenCore 0.6.3 (config check with Sanity checker):
  3. Thanx! In spring I installed a Catalina. Everything was great, except for the external keyboard and mouse.So I deleted it to reinstall it later.And now it is not possible to install!But it works exactly on my hardware. DSDT.dsl
  4. HP Probook 4740s CPU: i7-3632QM HD4000 Mojave working great last 9 month. With ssdt and patch made by [Guide] HP ProBook/EliteBook/Zbook using Clover UEFI hotpatch (Rehabmen) But with this setting Catalina not install. I'm thinking about create a dsdt.
  5. when to change it? Boot... progress bar... and this error instead of the installation window. It does not get to him. Nowhere to input.
  6. It is the first time I see such an error.OpenCore or Clover - no matter!Why?How fix?Help! Mobo: HP Probook 4740s (Clover) CPU: i7-3632QM Graphics: HD4000, 1600 x 900
  7. All the items are green. ))) I know about the check. I have checked it from the very beginning.
  8. Quirks (Clover) for Ivy not listed. For OC qurks I use Dortania manual. Nothing. Same result.
  9. Made the settings in the manual. Stuck... https://b.radikal.ru/b20/2011/e3/1b2b200e7ce5.jpg
  10. Probook 4740s. Ivy. HD4000 OC 0.6.2 I create custom dsdt. (Another method for install dont work for me) Catalina don't boot from USB. Stuck at "AppleUSBLegacyRoot: init: enabling legacy matching"
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