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  1. any change from new DSDT the boot is stuck at 1 minute of the progress bar at apple logo at boot windows boot options don't show😔
  2. RunMe dump: https://mega.nz/file/EkcmXbhT#9yKG4msxaS8L-u9mGnVJy1cQBozIIpolE2EQSPj9QyY IOReg.zip
  3. ok the audio output work for me gigabyte z390 itx but the boot after verbose is really slow. can you speed up or is it normal?
  4. using your efi for z390 it does not recognize the integrated graphics and i have no audio on hdmi. advice
  5. the problem that usb 3.0 are seen on the same ports as usb 2.0 i assigned it as usb 3 connector but it doesn't change how should I proceed
  6. ok i did as video description now the usb 3.0 works but they are seen with a speed of 480mb / s
  7. which patches should I remove to redo the mapping
  8. Ioreg dont' recognize usb 3.0 Im use your efi chipset 300
  9. Hi After update usb 3.0 port dont' work OC 0.68 Help
  10. hello everyone can someone help me with this dsdt? Dell Vostro 5481 CPU: Intel Core i7-8565U GPU: Intel UHD 620 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce MX130 (2GB GDDR5) DSDT.zip
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