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  1. Hi! Trying to install Beta 6 in a surface pro 3. Getting this message popup (see image) during install. Anyone knows why its showing? Any solution? Can get past that point in the installation. Thanks! IMG_20200915_141703.jpg 2.zip
  2. I think we have the same issue. Opencore boots fine, I managed to install until 12/13 minutes remaining, after that tries to boot, but crashes. Then manual rebooting opencore loads fine there's a option for bigsur macos install select this and at the phase that the apple logo is already up the screen it crashes and can't even see the errors, because it's too quickly something with "sigakill: shutdown...!!!. Been this week trying to figure this thing out, but no show! Any clues? EDIT: Since I can't make any usb to boot in my system, i booted from empty internal ssd, only with EFI populated, after that i use the usb to make the installation to the internal SSD. Could this be the issue? HP XW6600, 2xXeonE5430, 16 GB, 256GB SSD, Nvidia 710GT. EDIT2: I was able to get a picture of the final verbose, just before the screen become black. Can anyone make something of this, it's not very clear. Screenshot 2020-09-11 at 17.33.35.zip
  3. Thanks, just checking if its similar to mine, but it isn't! Mine is "largely" older. It's a HP XW6600, 2 x Xeon E5430, 16gb RAM, SSD, GT710 2gb. It's running Catalina fine, but can't make it boot Big Sur! Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  4. Hi! Whats your system configuration? Thanks!
  5. Olá Maldon, Obrigado pela sua resposta. Verifique pf. na imagem se está tudo correto. Vai verificar que um volume não tem nome, é mesmo assim? Obrigado! EDIT: Pelo "screenshot 2" um dos volumes, que deveria ser, a raíz acho eu, está com erro. Screenshot 2020-09-03 at 16.15.37.zip Screenshot 2.zip
  6. Hi Maldon, Descarreguei a beta5 e restaurei para um ssd interno livre, aparentemente ok. A minha questão é que quando tento iniciar este disco as únicas opções que tenho são "Preboot" e "Restore 11.00" volumes. É normal? Ou o restore correu mal? Qual deveria ser o volume que deveria fazer o primeiro boot? Obrigado! Paulo
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