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  1. I still cannot boot into macOS installation in USB. Here are screenshots before the prohibited sign appeared with and without Usbinjectall Could you give me some suggestions to fix this issue? @MaLd0n Could you tell me how did you get the DSDT file you gave me? It fixed the my memory panic issue so an explanation will be useful later I believe
  2. I've already used usb 2.0 port and sata has already be set to AHCI. I've just removed usbinjectall kext and the prohibited sign still appears
  3. I've overwritten your file and removed cpus=1 flag, now the memory panic is gone but I get the prohibited sign with broken texts on the screens.
  4. I'm trying to install macOS on my X79 rigs which are bought from Aliexpress and having some issues: I cannot boot without the flag cpus=1 as I always endup with a memory panic message. If I boot with flag cpus=1, it takes quite long to boot into Installation screen. After reboot from the installation (I'm trying to make an internet installation), I cannot pass the apple logo screen with the text "Estimating time remaining" which seems to last forever. Could you give me some suggestion to boot the without flag cpus=1? I'm suspecting it's causing the long lasting "Estimating time
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