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  1. Hi MaLd0n, Writing this comment just to inform you. Actually, it's not VoodooI2C which creates problem in macOS Big Sur. It's itlwm.kext (used to enable Intel wifi adapter) which conflicts with VoodooI2C.kext and creates problem in bootup. I have loaded itlwm.kext manually after booting up macOS Big Sur. Now, I have a perfect Hackbook (Acer Predator Helios 300 PH315-51). Almost everything is working. You helped me a lot. 🙂 Thank you!!!! 🙏
  2. Thanks a lot for your support. Yes, you are correct. Whenever I remove VoodooI2C Kexts from Kext folder, system boots normally (30sec) with no TPAD working. Sometimes, TPAD works (1 in 20 times) Currently, macOS Big Sur is not supported by VoodooI2C. I need to raise an issue ticket on Voodoo Github. Could you please provide me the name of patches that you have applied to my DSDT (This will be helpful for me). Do you have any forum link for this issue? Please share with me 🙏, I haven't got much.
  3. Thank you for the DSDT 🙂 After adding this DSDT to ACPI folder, system starts normally (trackpad working) with below error codes. But on 2nd boot onwards, trackpad is not working and system bootup time increases due to slow loading of bootup lines (Please Check Start & End Video (approx 30-40sec) in attached link). This happens may be due to Kernel Panic, I got 🚫 icon on screen after 2min (check on attached [Video] End.mp4). ACPI Error: [_DSM] Namespace lookup failure, AE_ALREADY_EXISTS (20160930/dswload-462) ACPI Exception: AE_ALREADY_EXISTS, During name lookup/catalog
  4. Trackpad is still not working with VoodooI2CSynaptics.kext (added SYNA7DB5). Kext Folder contains: VoodooI2C.kext, VoodooI2CHID.kext, and VoodooI2CSynaptics.kext. Got this while booting: ACPI Error: [_DSM] Namespace lookup failure, AE_ALREADY_EXISTS (20160930/dswload-462) ACPI Exception: AE_ALREADY_EXISTS, During name lookup/catalog (20160930/psobject-310) ACPI Exception: AE_ALREADY_EXISTS, (SSDT:ACRPRDCT) while loading table (20160930/tbxfload-319) ACPI Error: 1 table load failures, 10 successful (20160930/tbxfload-342) I think, there is something wrong in DSDT. Previously,
  5. Thanks a lot! All things are working now even bluetooth with EC0 device enabled.☺️ But this DSDT broke my I2C Trackpad. 😭 Boot Error: VoodooI2CHIDDevice: :SYNA7D85 Could not find suitable _DSM or XDSM method in ACPI tables VoodooI2CHIDDevice: :SYNA7D85 Could not get HID descriptor I am using Latest version of VoodooI2C, VoodooI2CHID, VoodooInput and VoodooPS2Controller (VoodooPS2Keyboard & VoodooPS2Mouse only). RunMe file: https://we.tl/t-b3lwhK8DcS
  6. Hi @MaLd0n, Good News😄. Now, Bluetooth detected with Device (EC0) code enabled. Actually, I have updated my BIOS from A25 to A26 Version. Could you please patch my new DSDT file (extracted with only EC0 to EC rename) Note: Please do not patch battery in DSDT file. Battery status is working fine. RunMe file: https://we.tl/t-DgL9ccOvar
  7. No Luck still bluetooth not detecting (only detect if I disable EC (manufacturer) code) RunMe link: https://filebin.net/o613wwzp90zv1jap Note: I have already tried this, renaming EC0 to EC manually in DSDT. I have tried all things as per my knowledge. 😭 Please Help to fix my bluetooth. 🙏 1 Query: What's the use of below code which is present under Device (EC): OperationRegion (ECMM, SystemMemory, 0xFC7E0800, 0x1000) Field (ECMM, AnyAcc, Lock, Preserve) { ... } Thanks!
  8. System booted with EC0 to EC and _STA RTC Fix [No DSDT/SSDT]. 🤩 But Bluetooth is not detected in this case too. 😔 RunMe file: https://filebin.net/1c8z1zvbbtpgbrff Note: While playing with my system, I have noted some points which may help you to figure out the problem/solution: If the below code is executed (code under EC0), bluetooth not detected, if I disable EC0 with Method (_STA), bluetooth detected. In case of EC0 disabled, bluetooth detect only if I first boot Windows 10. After that, macOS Big Sur. In my opinion, some code under EC0 is restricting Bluetooth
  9. Boot stucked at- ApplePS2Controller: Notification consumer published: ApplePS2Keyboard Update: stucked at same line after renaming EC0 to EC under ACPI Patch
  10. Hi @MaLd0n, Thank you for your Fully Patched DSDT. It fixed so many things on my hackintosh. But Bluetooth Device is not detecting after using you DSDT. (I have followed your USB Patching Video Guide (USBPorts.kext) which you have added on 4th August) I searched on Internet regarding this and found that I need to use SSDT-EC-USBX.aml. I checked your DSDT and found that you have already added USBX and Device(EC) in my DSDT. I figure out that, in my case bluetooth is only detected only if I disable EC0 using SSDT-EC.aml. Please find the attached SSDT-EC.aml and USBP
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