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  1. Patch usb3_prw_0x6D skylake (instance wake) solved problem 😁
  2. I tried this patch but it doesn't work. fn + F11 and fn + F12 still don't work
  3. Thank you. I can only wake up with the power button. How to fix wake up with mouse or keyboard? Addition: When I plug in the charger, the sleep works normally, but when I unplug and wake up, it reboot.
  4. sleep when the lid is closed works but the laptop doesn't wake up when the lid is open 😰
  5. Here is my file https://filebin.net/by3vuorzvgfk9ssz Thank you!
  6. Thank you. But I sent the wrong file .aml : (( Please help me fix this file. It has the same error file as above Thank you so much! DSDT.zip
  7. I tried to fix it, but it appeared to have more bugs :(( //I have tried to fix the following If (CondRefOf (\_SB.PCI0.SATA.SDSM)) { Return (SDSM(Arg0,Arg1,Arg2,Arg3)) // External reference } I deleted line 16445 //Arg0 DSDT.aml
  8. Hi MaLd0n Please help me patch DSDT to Dell latitude e5470 laptop Hele is my file https://filebin.net/3vwtuge1da0lowxj Thank you so much!
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