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  1. That’s my point , there is nothing .. literally everything is just gone . But still the hackintosh boots normally , unless you mean the EFI file from the pen drive if so then I need to fix usb on hackitnosh first cause it’s not working . I’m sorry I’m being too dumb but I am really with these stuff
  2. sorry for that ... forgot to enable permission , please let me know if it works now . https://drive.google.com/file/d/1P7YXUe7FhhIqMVGIsnuIFVnh8f_SCGpa/view?usp=sharing
  3. for some reason the file size is 4.5MB I couldn't upload it . though the file is like this EFI>APPLE>FIRMWARE>MBP111.scap ...... there is nothing else inside EFI folder. I was thinking to install Everything all over again from 0 ... but instead of Catalina I'd install Mojave .. isn't it more stable ?
  4. Hello , I'm sorry for being late , ran into some internet problems . Sir today when I've started my hackintosh I booted to it and brightness was alright . but all the graphics are glitched like in safari black bars , dock is all white like there is no graphic card or something installed then I went to the partition using Clover configurator i did mount the partition and opened it , there was no boot and inside the file EFI there was no Clover file only APPLE .. like all the kexts and files are just gone . nothing is in the folder . here's the RunMe Send me Homams-MacBook-Pro.zip
  5. Hello. First of all I wish you and all your loved ones a healthy and safe life . My name is Homam ... I've recently installed macOS Catalina Olarila image ( vanilla ) using your guide and to be honest I didn't want to ask any questions before I read everything and try to fix my problems by my self . I am facing many problems . Can't install Catalina on UEFI mode .. only Legacy ... if I try UEFI mode on -V it just crash in the middle PCI (... 23;40 then just stock there . so I've tried installing on Legacy and all worked after installing Catalina , and successfully booted to the Hackintosh . Ethernet works fine . USB doesn't work nor does Audio . when I install the Kexts Using Kext Utility , it works fine after I reboot (only USB but no the Audio) , but whenever I Reboot again , USB stops to work again and I'd have to reinstall kext again . I've Tried the tools that you've provided . nothing actually worked . ( tools from the Install macOS Catalina flash disk ) I couldn't even install clover from the flash disk . it gives me that the version is not compatible with the MacOS version . I'm running 10.15.6 Also the screen brightness couldn't fix it in anyway ... like I've been trying for 3 days couldn't find a solution . when I boot into Mac on loading screen ( apple logo with a bar under it ) the bar reaches middle and the brightness is great when it continues to boot it just dips the brightness and you'd barely see anything unless everything is dark around you . My Laptop is : Acer Aspire v3-574G Intel Core i5-5200U Nvidia GeForce 940M 4GB RAM 8GB upgraded to 12GB Resolution 1366x768 Sorry I don't really understand everything on laptops nor PC's it self so here is a full specification of My laptop https://www.notebookcheck.net/Acer-Aspire-V3-574G-Notebook-Review.146525.0.html I kindly ask you to help me fix my MacOS problems .. and I'm really grateful for everything you'd share with me . Thank you if you'd need any additional information please let me know . Good Day Sir/Madam
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