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  1. @MaLd0n https://github.com/SaxMachine/Lenovo-Y50-70-OpenCore does this work for olarila Mojave 2020 image?
  2. @MaLd0n ive changed my mind and ive successfully installed olarila Mojave 2020... problems is that my hack is stuck in a restart loop if I boot from hdd(clover 5119),, and if usb it works (clover 5118),, and the network card ethernet doesn't work... any ideas,,, much appreciated thanks maldon
  3. @MaLd0n now my hack is stuck in the installer cant format as GUID.... ive reset bios to win8 values back to pure UEFI
  4. thx @MaLd0n I have successfully booted the olarila 10.15.7 uefi mode but verbose stuck in..... appleusbhostcomposite device : unable set config : 0xe005001... don't know wat to do....
  5. Hi @MaLd0n sorry, but ihave made the usb stick with olarila 10.15.7, but the usb doesn't show up in UEFI mode, only legacy, and in legacy only blink underscore... how to solve this maldon… thx very much and can you please help me give me a suggestion for post install …. thx very much @MaLd0n laptop Lenovo y50-70, i7 4700 gtx 860m
  6. Hi Maldon, thx for making DSDT for me, but now im using opencore method ,could you please make DSDT for that method, really apreciate ur help, thanks vry much... http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=66455739503587841916
  7. guys so every time I plug usb it doesn't work only installer usb work... catalina 10.15.6 thinkpad edge e130, core i5 3317u CLOVER PLIST USB DONT WORK.zip
  8. guys I have Thinkpad edge e130 need dsdt please help much thx http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=66455739503587841916
  9. And yes maldon my os x finally working but wifi bluetooth dont work and audio too... how do i fix it?
  10. Maldon maldon i want to tell u sth my laptop worked just wait for automatic boot 10 seconds didntn change any setting beforehand thx maldon now my laptop works oke....
  11. I dont understand... what should i do ... sorry maldon thx very much
  12. I have blocked the usbinjectall kext and the same error still come up with stop sign maldon. Thx
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