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  1. Popilynx


    Can you hel me ?
  2. Popilynx


    when i select the pendrive with the catalina image it doesn’t reach the clover screen, it crashes before, can you help me?
  3. Popilynx


    I'm new to hackintosh I don't know how I would use this FakeCPUID
  4. Popilynx


    Good night people I would like to know if I can perform a hackintosh on my notebook, follow the settings: model: LHMZNIY Processor: intel atom x5-e8000 RAM: 4GB SSD: 128GB Attached is a photo of aida64 There is also a link to the imigur containing some photos of the notebook's bios and a small gif showing what happened when I boot the USB stick with the mac https://imgur.com/gallery/dRCE2We thanks in advance. aida.7z
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