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  1. i tried all voodool2c kext with voodoops2 keyboard but it did not succeeded .. this is the efi please can you check it ? https://filebin.net/h20bxpydkzzrtrrf
  2. then it must be voodoops2keyboard and voodool2c kexts only right? i ask many times because with every restart i must wait bet 5 and 10 min to get rid off black screen 🙄
  3. with the voodoops2 or not? and voodool2c without clean or chid?
  4. what kexts should i use ? i use only voodoops2 from olarila catalina image that the only version works
  5. kext order that makes battery and trackpad not working?
  6. https://filebin.net/5qyhf213usqf5ngs thank you again ❤️
  7. battery and trackpad still not working 😢 .. this is a send me without anything in acpi folder and orgin folder https://filebin.net/vqjekxvb9w4sv5x9 thanks for your time ❤️ @MaLd0n
  8. hey @MaLd0n ive done this patch and this the sendme after applying https://filebin.net/3nw9upzbpua4i3ac
  9. Hi everyone .. ive succisfully installed catalina on hp dqw laptop (i3 1005g1 + 12 gb ram ) but trackpad and battery doesnt work .. i tries to patch the dsdt myself but i failed .. this is the send me file https://filebin.net/vm12gokoedegied9
  10. hi thier ive lenovo 510 15ikb everything working good exccept battery showing 0% .. this is my sendme if anybody can check itc https://filebin.net/ycgubxhmwu9j1czr
  11. this is send me from bigsur with open core .. only ec0 to ec and rtc patches applied https://filebin.net/3qeu5urlwzgw4wn9 the issuse now is trackpad doesnt appear in setting and working only scrooling and when i press try to inc brightness throw fn+12 the system hang up and i must force restart
  12. Hi everyone ive manged to install catalina on dell e7470 (i7 6600u - hd 520 - 8gb ram ddr4 - ssd 256 ) every thing is working even intell wifi but the trackpad is only scrolling .. i ise voodoops2 kext .. its dell alps device .. anyone can help me in making it fully working? send me file https://filebin.net/q6csc371i689y58f @MaLd0n
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