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  1. this is send me from bigsur with open core .. only ec0 to ec and rtc patches applied https://filebin.net/3qeu5urlwzgw4wn9 the issuse now is trackpad doesnt appear in setting and working only scrooling and when i press try to inc brightness throw fn+12 the system hang up and i must force restart
  2. Hi everyone ive manged to install catalina on dell e7470 (i7 6600u - hd 520 - 8gb ram ddr4 - ssd 256 ) every thing is working even intell wifi but the trackpad is only scrolling .. i ise voodoops2 kext .. its dell alps device .. anyone can help me in making it fully working? send me file https://filebin.net/q6csc371i689y58f @MaLd0n
  3. open core doesn't boot when I press to select boot partition it go back to boot menu with no error appear
  4. hi @MaLd0n I got a new hpdq1038wm laptop with i3 1005g1 processor I manget to install Catalina but nothing is worikng except the keyboard .. I tried the video patch in first page but I got kp .. this is the send me file I wish you can help me https://filebin.net/9xzmyeizmpxyqaoj
  5. now after i changed hibernate state to 0 insted of 3 the battery is discharing with 7 volt while idle is this good? and does the wifi and sdcard reader may drain battery because they are no supported?
  6. i think that my issue is that cpu friend kext doesnt make any diff. and also intel power gadget is not working .. is that because i use ssdt insted of dsdt? or because i use big sur?
  7. @MaLd0n please i need some help in power mangment .. my laptop drain from 100 to 5 in 2h maximium while on windows it may last more than 3h .. i tried plug type ssdt and i also gnerated cpufriend with my low freq. mode but it always stuck at 1300 and battery discharing with 10v .. anyway to dec. LFM ?
  8. is thier any direct link? i got 12.7 ota update ànd im on beta4
  9. xD ok to simplify This my orgin file : https://www.olarila.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=28923 This is send me : https://filebin.net/lqzud2d8tqsgcaww I need a working efi to work with open core please
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