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  1. Ok, I was able to install High Sierra 10.13.6 and make the OS work, if anyone get those problems I mentioned, I would recommend get a new pendrive with 16 GB and try this HS image: I am facing new problems, but I think they are easier to fix. Thanks for the help!
  2. https://imgur.com/Eso9SFC https://imgur.com/BzB0LlO It boots, tho, when this screen comes up, only the touchpad works, the buttons on it and the keyboard don't, so I can't click on ''Continue''.
  3. I have the HS 2020 that I downloaded from here: I believe it was from that torrent link, don't quite remember. Everything works fine until I enter in the install screen, the touchpad works, but the click of it not, neither the keyboard (Although works in the clover boot menu), I tried to see what ktext has been injected and the injectallUSB and Voodoo trackpad and etc ktexts are injected. Some knowledge on what would be?
  4. I see, thanks for you time tho, but, there one more thing I would like to know, there is any image you recommend from Olarila for me to try? Specifically, you recommend HS, tho, there is a couple of images there and looks like every link has a different build, so, what you would recommend for this laptop? Thanks.
  5. It's says 11 minutes to install, sometimes I wait 30 minutes or less until says the MacOs cannot be installed, but the progress bar don't go more than that.
  6. Well, I will continue to post my progress here in case anyone has the same problem as me. I have download a lots of raw images from Olarila and other places(only Vanilla) since my last post, every image version of every OS I tested (Mavericks, El Captain, Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave and Catalina) has a different error, I tried everything I found in the internet to solve and nothing. The only one I was able to install was one version of Mavericks from here, which, I don't remember how, the other versions of Mavericks don't install for different errors. Well, I will continue to search for one.
  7. I downloaded the new image of Olaria High Sierra 2020 and tried to install and I got this problem: I tried to disable Nvidia and Intel Graphics from the Clover Boot and nothing, no inject ktext worked so far. And I tried the older one again, Olarila High Sierra 10.13.6, well, I got this problem: After a couple minutes:
  8. From what I understand from the Guide, you need a MacOS to do this procedure, right? Unfortunately, I cleaned my SSD in order to install High Sierra with everything clean, so I no longer have an MacOS Mavericks installed, there is another way to solve it?
  9. Thanks for the reply! I have High Sierra 10.16.3, I followed this guide but I got stuck in the installation. ''About 11 minutes remaining'' and nothing, this screen stays there for a couple of minutes and after that: ''macOS could not be installed on your computer. An error occured installing macOS. To use Apple Diagnostics [...]''
  10. Oh, hello I have this old notebook, It has an SSD and tried to install a Hackintosh (Mavericks) for the first time which I had successful in one shot (strange) but I want a more current macOS and browsing in the internet I found some comments that this notebook is compatible with High Sierra and even Mojave (Catalina too, from what a random guy said) and it's running fine, but I tried a couple of times with those: El Captain, High Sierra, Mojave and Catalina and no luck so far, but I am willing to try futher. I would like to know what would be the best and most current macOS for this notebook? Like performance, security and et cetera. Thanks.
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