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  1. Here is the error that I was getting unnamed.zip
  2. It doesn't stop at the same place everytime... It's different each time, should I send you all of the 19 images?? Please help with this.
  3. So I downloaded the Olarila Installation image and successfully flashed it to a USB 3.0 Drive(16GB) I can boot into clover just fine, and the bios is set to AHCI. I am using the included boot flags, and also added 'USBBusFix=Yes' '-x' and '-s'. When I hit boot from Olarila image, it boots, and starts scrolling text on the screen and then just stops. I mean it literally just stops. Halfway in-between a word or sentence, the whole thing freezes and doesn't continue. It doesn't stop at the same place everytime. It just randomly stops. When I reboot and use a different config.plist, it does the same thing. How do I make this work? For some reason, the only installation that works for me is the now dead Hackintosh Zone's Yosemite Installer. But I need High Sierra, Mojave or Catalina. Please help!!
  4. I appreciate the help, but need it a bit more detailed. Any help? (sorry for asking) I'm trying to make a bootable USB using Windows.
  5. Hey There! After the much needed death of Hackintosh Zone, I hear about this much friendlier website named Olarila! It's a much friendlier version of hackintosh zone, with a few upgrades. Ok. Now onto the question. I have a Dell Latitude e6410, with 16GB RAM, i7 M620 CPU, NVIDIA NVS 3100m with 512 MB VRAM, and a Qualcomm Killer Wireless 1103 -N Adapter(PCI-E). I want fully functional guide, with an EFI folder, with necessary kexts(I am a newbie) I tried installing using the file that is provided on this wonderful website, wih no luck. It gives me a circle with a cross. If anyone would be kind enough to help me, I would really appreciate it! I need the WiFi, Bluetooth, Keyboard, GPU acceleration, and USB to work. Cheers! Lucasd
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