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  1. Hi I have successfully installed Catalina in dell optiplex 3060 with 8100T. But I cannot fix the Audio. The audio device is ALC255. I could not able to find a layout ID for the same. I know that alcid=11 or 13 will work from other people but I could not make it working. I also tried with SMBIOS of macmini8,1. but no luck. I have attached the Config file. Hope for an answer config Dell.plist.zip
  2. I tried in safe mode by using boot args -x. It boots into high sierra. I have trouble connecting to internet. I am using 8111 realtek ethernet controller. I followed the post install guide. But i can't get my internet working. And then I planned to buy a Nvidia GT 710 as dgpu...it seems it is support in catalina..
  3. Hey I have successfully booted into mac os thanks for your help... but i have graphical issues... I am using Intel HD 2500 iGPU with platform id 0166000A..trying to fix that I am unable to find the problem ...I cannot even see the language selection screen...i tried to change the IG platform id and checked intel graphics inject but no use... I can't see tha screen...can you help me...I don't have any graphics card.
  4. Yes Sir I am using that in my Intallation disk. Let me try once again and report back to you
  5. EFI.zipI am very Excited to see the admins' reply๐Ÿ˜„. Sir I have the EFI which I use with clover. Can you check that for me?
  6. I am using i3 3220 (Ivy Bridge) with Intel HD graphics 2500. I tried to install mac-OS High Sierra by following olarila vanilla guide. every thing boots up fine but when I install it. it stuck at 2 min left. install log show "/var/run/systemkeychaincheck.socket could not be found" error. I have enables the ACPI mode, Vt-d is not supported, vt-x enabled, hyper threading enabled and also disabled serial,Parallel and other legacy ports. I don't know what was the problem. I have used different USB and re Download the Image several times and nothing worked for me. I even tried to create my clo
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