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  1. Download the "Artifacts" file below, contains a zip with "BlueToolFixup.kext" https://github.com/acidanthera/BrcmPatchRAM/actions/runs/935090024 But for me it doesn't work, the problem with bluetooth continues and it takes a long time to boot.
  2. Work, I already have sound with -lilubetaall (in bootarg). Everything works well with OC 0.7.1 for Monterey from Olarila, I still can't connect bluetooth devices.
  3. Doesn't work for me with OC 0.7.1 for Monterey from Olarila, i don't have audio, and bluetooth problem, Airdrop works but doesn't detect external devices, mouse and phone. Another strange thing is, if disabling SIP takes 5 to 6 minutes to boot, does that happen to anyone else? Maybe in the next update, for now everything works fine in BigSur.
  4. The same problem with asus x299, maybe wait for AppleALC 1.6.2. also updated to O.C 0.7.0 and latest kexts and rebuild the cache and everything works fine, except audio.
  5. Mount -uw /Volumes/ no longer works in Big Sur, it was still possible in beta versions, but not in the final version, does anyone have any method?
  6. Resolved with 10 update😀
  7. I tried the 2 symbios iMacpro1,1 and macpro7,1and it doesn't work,It’s possible that from now it will only work with machintosh that have the T2 chip, if it is true the end of Hackintosh begins...
  8. I confirm, any solution without intel quick sync? I have RX 580...
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