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  1. This is after the first phase, when booting the macos installer from the ssd. The ssd was already formatted and the install files copied over.
  2. I get "disk6: device is write locked" while trying to install beta 10 to external SSD. Second phase. Anything I should try?
  3. I am installing to external SSD, stuck with disk 6 device is write locked. How did -s (i guess it is the flag for single user mode?) help? Can you be more specific?
  4. Can somebody build virtualsmc from GitHub master tree and provide me the kexts, smcbattermanager and virtualsmc.
  5. What changes do I need to boot Big Sur? This is my fully working config for Catalina. OpenCore is the latest 0.6 build from opencore-factory. After the first reboot I am stuck booting from the Install MacOS partition. It goes through the verbose log, then after 30 seconds apple logo appears and the bar underneath the logo starts filling up, gets to around 1/10th then this appears. (img) config.plist.zip IMG_0407.JPG.zip
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