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    i5-8265u 1,6hz
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    asus x509fa-version x509fa.303
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    UHD 620
  1. CPU: i5-8265u 1,6hz Mainboard:X509FA version:X509FA.303 Memory:8GB DDR4 SSD:240 Kingston SA400S37240G Wifi:Intel AC9461 GPU: UHD 620
  2. Iam trying to install big sur on my laptop.I replaced the efi file with efi clover notebook 300 Folders for All Chipsets (Clover and OpenCore) - Guides and Tutorials - Olarila, updated kexts but still having this problem.Anyone know how to fix it? p/s: i can't find where to attach the image so i zip it and the efi folder was to large to attach too 151063767_739537226990205_239341887968277499_n.7z
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