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  1. I tried the same but got an error every time I tried to install, tried a few times. But today I got an other update which was around 2gigs and after installing the same, I'm on Big Sur Stable.
  2. @MaLd0n Hey I was enrolled on seed and is running on candidate preview 2 that has been recently release. I unenrolled from seed still I'm not getting an update. I did find Big Sur on App Store and tried installing from there but it shows after downloading unexpected error and it just stops. How to fix this and how can I go to stable ?? Please Help😊
  3. @MaLd0n I can't see that options on my Open Core Configurator. My Configurator is on the latest version thou. Can you share your EFI? I'm using your EFI for a long time now! It works like charm!!
  4. Did you install it from the system preference? This might sound strange, but for some reason, switching between public and developer beta got my deice to be enrolled in the public beta developer program. So all you have to do to get beta 10 is just verify the same. I don't know if this is a bug but usually I have tried switching beta's but this is the first time something happened like this sooo... Just letting you guys know the same. And to enroll in apple seed (dev. beta) use the terminal code below. Might be lame but yaa!! you can enroll your device if you don't know how!! su
  5. Image will be too well appreciated because Final Cut is crashing like Hell in Beta 9 and Hevc ohh god hate Beta 9
  6. @Josele Is the setting on the photo I attached okay?? or is there anything else I have to change?? @MaLd0n Under Nvram and 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82 I had csr-active-config, which was set to FF0F0000. I changed it to 00000000. Rebooted and still not getting the update.
  7. @Josele Is this right??? If so I did a reboot and nothing works!! Should I change something else?? Screenshot 2020-10-15 at 1.57.28 AM.zip
  8. I'm a noob at this bro so can you help me?? Where can I find it? In the config of open core? @Josele I have AppleSecureBoot False under misc/protocolOverrides and under misc/security I have SeccureBootModel disabled as well. I can't find anything else under security!
  9. I have received all the updates via the system preference but now I can't get Beta 10! Any help??
  10. thanks bro but @MaLd0n 1. If you have a Skylake+ Desktop Processor, just use iMacPro1,1 or MacPro7,1 smbios with no IGPU enable. I'm on coffee lake and SMBIOS is MacPro7,1 and no IGPU enabled. Still under VideoProc HEVC shows unavailable, final cut still crashes on clicking share button. 2. Use shikigva=128 or shikigva=144 bootarg / AMD GPU with no IGPU Enabled or Processors without IGPU(Catalina+ only) Tried this too.. same results under VideoProc. 3- Enable IntelHDGraphics. Last version of the WhateverGreen Inject properties on the fly. You don't need change not
  11. Okay bro but do you have a guide or steps that I can follow to enable igpu? I'm using your Efi as well.
  12. Bro did you find any solution to this?
  13. Did you find an solution to fix it? Will this be the reason my final cut is misbehaving?
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