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  1. Its boot correct Catalina and BS but no USB port because I lost keyboard and Mousse on my back USB port Tomorow I send you PayPal money because I need help again for my laptop HP ProBook 6570b with Opencore I not able to boot with this Bootloader I wil send you send me tomorrow Thank you very much for the help is greatly appreciate here because I know the time is important and you pass enormous time with lots people for helping you are agood men 😇 like me😄
  2. Here you go Thank you Do you know why DSDT not working with Open Core because I lost keyboard and mousse working perfect with Clover OK EDIT ***** Works now whit the DSDT patch not the one for sleep and not with the latest for BCM wifi see picture Ioreg with Open core chris’s Mac.zip chris’s Mac open core.zip
  3. Audio ALC work but is not on the PCI list like the first DSDT
  4. Correct perfect for WIFI but my audio AppleALC is gone from PCI
  5. Sorry I have little request because I change my WIFI for an  WIFI Broadcom BCM943224hms Its not list in PCI System Report like my previous Atheros Do you please change this for me 😇 I put sendme to a link because I'm not allow to upload the ZIP Send me chriss-Mac.zip Strange thing is the card is working perfect with AirportBrcmFixup.kext to 10.12 at 10.15 and I just boot now in BS and its not work Maybe new V of AirportBrcmFixup.kext is update I will see🤫
  6. OK good News Sleep wake work perfect in Big Sur ( Big Mac Surface ) with DSDT Sleep no other add Thank you this is suffisant for me because this is my new System NOW
  7. Not working 😅 Annyway thank you verry much for the help I really appreciate and I am back for sure
  8. DSDT for Sleep wake Not work Clover and Open core Were I place the patch ? In Clover and Open Core framebuffer-patch-enable = 01000000framebuffer-cursormem = 00009000
  9. Here you go my friend thanks a lot Have a nice day. Send me chriss-Mac.zip EDIT ***** You will see Audio VoodooHDA because I try Voodoo for Sleep and its not work
  10. It is possible to make Sleep wake on that PC Intel HD 40600 ?
  11. Thank you verry much I will test and let you know 😀 Edit *** Works Thank 😎 It is possible to make Sleep wake on that PC Intel HD 40600 ?
  12. Hi @MaLd0n 😎 I need some help of you here I have trouble to compile my DSDT from my new HP Prodesk 600 G1 I have 3 error non resolved the Dsdt is from Clover dump Audio is Realtek ALC221 codec is this possible to patching also Audio layouts 15 Attaching file Thanks a lot my friend Edit** attaching also all .aml dump Reedit** I have donate 20 Box to [email protected] 😁 DSDT.aml.zip origin.zip
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