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  1. The problem was solved as you suggested with OC 6.1. Thanks a lot.
  2. This does not work in my case.
  3. Big Sur does not boot after being updated to Beta 4. Please see the attached image. Help me please. FJIMG_20200805_165806.jpg.zip
  4. Issue has been resolved by added booter-fileset-kernel and booter-fileset-basesystem with fakesmc.kext. Thank you MaLd0n
  5. I tried to boot with fakesmc.kext & vsmcgen=1 but Big Sir 3 still does not boot as mentioned earlier.
  6. While the Big Sur Beta 2 boots smoothly, the Big Sur beta 3 is stuck here. Please help. FJIMG_20200723_185252.jpg.zip
  7. Gigabyte H77-DS3H, Core i5, 16GB RAM, ATI Radeon Rx560.
  8. Successfully restored. The cursor only appears on the black screen after booting.
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