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  1. Hi Mald0n, I see some different tutorials to install big sur. If I will start from scratch with big sur, do you recommend open core or clover?? What is the best boot loader option nowadays to work on? Note: I have minimal knowledge on clover, but zero about open core. Anyway, I am creating a hackintosh for fun and to learnt about it
  2. I am trouble again (I am getting crazy . Sorry for asking so much, hopefully I will learn enough soon. afer follow the tutorial I have been able to boot properly once. WiFi usb adapter was recognize and no issue with USB power, Just after that, running hackintool, new clover versnón was detected, downloaded and Installed. Now I cannot boot, it get bloqued after ++++++++++++++++++++++ I am able to boot using the USB created for the installation. Is there any issue with latest clover versión? How to rollback to previous release? (Copying some files from USB? Or it isn't better to download old clover version installer? I got it. Fortunately I had tonycrap86 tool in usb and I have installed previous Clover version. But, why new one have broken my boot?!?
  3. I have found this process for hackintool. https://www.tonycrapx86.com/threads/tonycrapx86s-haswell-matx-ga-z87mx-d3h-i7-4770k-hd-4600.106748/page-97#post-1990991 should I follow it? Or do you kno another guide to follow?
  4. Thanks. Mald0n for the info. but I get in trouble again!! I have updated to 10.5.6, and now my USB ports are not properly recognised. when I plug the Wifi dongle or usb3 Pendrive I get the following error: USB Accesory Needs Power. Connect.....xxxxxxx. Reading my notes, I had this issue in the pass and I had solved removing the USBinjectall Kext. (Probably not the best solution) But now doing that make the system not bootable (just stop after ++++++++++++++++ symbols) How to solve USB Accesory Needs Power error?
  5. So far, it seems this dsts is working good. Even some errors in the boot process have disappeared. Sorry if this not the right place to ask this. could This dsts be used if I install big Sur with the clover process? Or a new DSTS file needs to be created from scratch?
  6. Hi, I have found this page to patch the battery for my Laptop. https://github.com/RehabMan/Laptop-DSDT-Patch/blob/master/battery/battery_Lenovo-G50-70.txt but not sure if I am doing well. I have open-end DSDT file provided by you. Added the source mentioned in the RegabMAn page. Goto to patch, select my Laptop G50-70 in list of options, I have applied the patch. after that I have run compile and now I have more errors than before. (before the patch there was warnings, but not errors). SO, for sure I am doing wrong
  7. It seems StandBy is better now, at least USB still work after that. Bu I need to test more because I am not an expert en Sleep/Stand by process in Mac. Another thing I would like to ask is about the startup process. I see several errors, but I don't know if this is something that I need to worry about. find in the link an example: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LIua4-Idqo1UmWwRDNjpnviXhRVKTIhb/view?usp=sharing is it something to improve?
  8. here it is https://drive.google.com/file/d/19JOhT7GPVOBfTHHcwdKf8JhjVrx_RFyd/view?usp=sharing - I think I have duplicated kexts (how can I pause the verbose in the startup process to read better?) - USB problem when sleep/stand by. thanks
  9. IBut this premade folder is for series 100/200/300... mine is oldEr (haswell procesor). So it is not valid, right? I have manage to run Big sur using a different premade folder (don’t remember the thread right now (*)), but it was using OC, instead and BS was running very badly (no laptop keyboard, several crashs) I will wait for more tips or premade folders here for clover, and try to investigate more about OC in other places/threads thanks (*) I just found , premade folder was in this thread. if I use a premade folder, still is needed step 6 ?
  10. I think I have missed some step. This is what I have done so far: - download DMG - mount DMG - unmount destination disk (I will use a external Drive USB connected. - copy (dd) from image to external USB disk At this point it is suppose that I need to copy BOOTX64 and CLOVERX64 files, but new EFI disk is complete empty. I have created both folders and copied files inside respectively. Should I copy my old EFI folder as well? After that it is suppose to add boot arguments. But there is no config.plist file. Is it not needed? Should I create a new empty plisr file with the boot arguments? Or copy my old plist file and edit it?
  11. Are the DMG files the same than the OC post? I mean, I have downloaded one of them but don't remwnber if was from this thread or from OC thread. Files are the same and only change the process post duplicate the disk?
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