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  1. Hi guys, I have an Acer Laptop with Qualcomm Atheros Lite-on bluetooth device. It worked out of the box without any Bluetooth related kexts (It gets connected too) . But the problem is I can't turn bluetooth off. I have tried kexts like Brcm* (though mine ain't a broadcomm). I thought of disabling it, by setting uia_exclude=HS10 (HS10 as shown by IOReg.Explorer app) but even then Bluetooth keeps running. I also tried to fix ports as suggested by this link (dortaina ) which didn't work either. Here are a few links : 1. My EFI Folder : Drive 2. My Laptop : Laptop Can someone please help me finding a way of either getting bluetooth to turn off (which I think isn't possible) or disabling bluetooth for hackintosh.
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