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  1. Does this EFI contain the DSDT patched for my system? If not can you please post a pathed DSDT table from the files on the first post? Thank you very much!
  2. Valeu Mald0n! copiei o EFI do seu link e limpei a nvram mas acabou por accontecer o ecra negro de novo... Agora a barra de progresso foi um pouco mais longe (mais de metade) mas não deu para chegar ao fim. Como posso ultrapassar este problema? Obrigado!
  3. Hi, My first hackintosh build and I'm struggling to install Catalina and always end up by getting a black screen of death during install... I have tried the following: - Olarila .raw image - Vanilla USB Apple image with both Opencore /Clover from InsanelyMac @glasgood/@AudioGod - Vanilla USB Apple image with Opencore / Clover EFI folder from Olarila None of them seem to work and I get stuck on black screen after a few seconds, can you please assist? Thank you so much! My hardware: MbManufacturer : Gigabyte Technology Co, Ltd. MbModel / MbBiosVersio
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