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  1. I know this trick 😂 but i am newpe to make this, i must be edit product name: ... product version:... product sn: and etc... whats right config for imac13,2 ?! Or i just edit product name only ?!
  2. Can i install El Capitan then configure smbios on clover configuration because i cant access macos right now?! I tried on windows and i cant how to configure that smbios on windows
  3. Hi guys, i tried to install catalina on Z420 first its tell me i using product name: MacPro4,1 when I continue install Catalina on hard disk this massage Appears to me https://ibb.co/hVLQ2tq https://ibb.co/NjKsZNW any advise to make this done ?!
  4. good night, i have a old pc 'HP z420 with e5 xeon 1620 and rx470 graphic card' iam stuck with windows on this device and i want to use it with macos because i have a macbook pro and use iphone device and i adapt to this eco system can i make this done with this model v1 or v2 ? i tried to install catalina os with your olarila file but its say you could not be install on this computer - i will become grateful to someone who tells me that i can :) thanks
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