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  1. @MaLd0n i didnt boot , i used the notebook ivy bridge folder but it didnt boot , i also tried the desktop folder on my hackintosh but same , it didnt want to boot , plase help
  2. hi @MaLd0n , i need your help to install big sur on my tablet (using clover or opencore it doesnt matter) i wanna install it on my acer aspire p3-171 tablet wich have 1.4ghz i3 ivy bridge cpu , 4gb ram , windows 10 (i wanna enable touch screen too) i followed dortania git hub opencore guide for ivy bridge but opencore didnt boot (ive deleted everything) i have another sandybridge pc wich runs catalina with without any issue im using clover 5120 for it please help me (it would be amazing if you can give me a premade folder , i also wanna know how to create a bootable big s
  3. Hi, can i update from catalina 10.15.3 directly to big sur beta using a .dmg file from isoriver ? (i have some wifi problems actually) Here is the .dmg im gonna use , it is ok ? https://isoriver.com/macos-big-sur-11-developer-beta-iso/
  4. @MaLd0n Mobo : Msi h61m-p35 b3 , cpu intel pentium g840 , graphics amd radeon 5450 , i just tried osxaptiofix2dvr-2000 and had a kernel panic with red text All were working fine before , vga also
  5. Hi @MaLd0n please i really need your help I wanted to make my usb wifi dongle working on catalina 10.15.3 i sucessfully installed the driver but i forgotted to rebuild the kext cache so when i rebooted i got error "error loading kernel cache (0x9)" I tried all of osxaptiofixdvr-64.efi ,osxaptiofix2dvr-64.efi and osxaptiofix3dvr-64.efi None of them solved the issue . I wanted to boot without caches but there is no option for that in clover 5116 , adding -f to boot args didnt changed anything , i also tried to rebuild the kextcache from recovery but the command isnt recognized
  6. Hi again @MaLd0n Emuvariableuefi.efi doesnt appears anywhere in clover bootloader i don't know what's wrong with my configuration i tried everything without success
  7. Hi @MaLd0n apparently nothing works, I tried everything, I replaced the efi file with my chipset s'one , I used the full patched dsdt, I used the right cpuid and the right smbios but the error is still present. I would like to try to emulate nvram but I don't know how to do it. Please help me (i know i have to use emuvariableUefi.efi but i have no idea of how) (ive downloaded it on github)
  8. Hi , i need a full patched dsdt for my hardware : Motherboard : msi h61m-p35 (b3) (ms-7680) CPU : intel pentium g840 2.80ghz sandy bridge Graphics : AMD RADEON 5450 HD RAM : 4GB DDR3 My problem : "error while preparing the installation. try running this application again" when 2 minutes remain at catalina installation" here is my dsdt DSDT.aml
  9. That didnt worked for me 😕 but can anyone tell me wich smbios & fakecpuid i should use with my hardware (i was using imac 19,1 smbios but it seems like it doesnt fit with my hardware)
  10. Can you tell me please how to emulate the nvram and how to replace the efi folder by my chipset s'one in the usb stick , how to extract my actual dsdt table and how to use the patched dsdt table
  11. Hi everyone, I am trying to install catalina on my pc but each time during the installation when there are 2 minutes left (mac os extended) or 3 minutes (apfs) I have the error. I tried 2 different SMBIOS, the apfs format and mac os extended , and updated the date in the bios . Any help is welcome (hope @MaLd0n and his friends will do) Motherboard: Msi h61m-p35 (b3), cpu intel pentium g840, amd radeon 5450 graphics and 4gb ram. (i know its too old but i saw that someone successfully mojave on it). THIS IS MY FIRST HACKINTOSH EXPERIENCE
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