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  1. So, do you need a dedicated graphics card? Which entry model do you recommend?
  2. I don't have a dedicated GPU for this, just integrated graphics (Integrated ATI Radeon ™ HD 3000 GPU).
  3. Hello I'm a newbie, so I apologize for some trivial doubts. I have an AMD FX 6300 with an ASUSM5A78L-M USB3, 16 GB DDR3 and a 240Kingston SSD. I downloaded the .raw Olarila Catalina 10.15.5 AMD Zen (here from the forum), then, I created the pendrive with Balena because I have an IMAC 2011, and when I started the installation on my AMD DESKTOP PC, the screen goes black. I entered this link below, Link I downloaded the two EFI files that appear with the name FX: EFI OPENCORE FX.A.Series.zip CLOVER.FX.A.Series.zip Replace it on the USB stick and follow th
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