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  1. does your ssd nvme is made by samsung pm981 ?? if does, replace it
  2. i am getting stuck in here... https://imgur.com/So5bP5L i am using: Laptop Lenovo legion Y530 8300H 8Generation, i5 UHD630 Coffe Lake
  3. my existing catalina using CLOVER BOOT loader, i am already download upgrade BIGSUR via preferences, but when finish install, nothing happen only still Catalina with one boot OSX Screen Shot 2020-12-20 at 20.27.37.zip
  4. i am using catalina, with Lenovo Legion Y530 8300H UHD630 (coffe lake 8generation), but how to make installable from catalina to BIG SUR, do i only copy paste the config.plist in my EFI Folder Catalina, the update BIG SUR via preferences?
  5. hei bro.. do you just checked to Quirks in config.plist catalina then update via preferences?
  6. hai Maldon, here my EFI config.plist in Catalina, what should i change to make my config.plist working in instalation of BIG SUR... config.plist.zip
  7. I am sorry Sir, My previous laptop still in windows, and no other OSX,
  8. Pls help me, When first boot it's shows 3 options 1. My Windows 10 2. Big Sur 3. Reset NV Ram Then I choose number 2 (Big Sur), the OS stuck in the first time boot (image attached) I am using * Lenovo Legion i5 8300H UHD 630, Coffelake, SSD Kingston 240Gb IMG_20201114_080704.rar
  9. Hello Sir, pls help me, I am using Olarila 10.15.4 then success update to 10.15.7 tonight I have already download Big Sur via OTA but I try install many times but not working, the progress seems good until 12 minute then installation showing status that I need to restart with many time restart, but it's only once restart and showing again the installation. I am using Lenovo Legion i5 8300H, SSD Kingston 250gb IMG_20201113_235411.zip
  10. Waiting for the full BIG SUR 7 image link in mediafire ..
  11. hello Maldon, i have success installing Catalina Olarila, but my graphic UHD630 only show 7MB, where should i change to become 1500MB ?
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