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  1. It worked for a while now trackpad left button is not working *sigh* I think i need to wait for new VoodooI2C drivers
  2. It worked I think we already have a nice daily driver now I will try to get a Broadcom WiFi Card to avoid the use of Heliport...or we will wait for the Black80211 project be more stable to put the Intel card natively into MacOS https://github.com/usr-sse2/Black80211-Catalina But for now, its totally up and running, Thanks!
  3. Awesome...now Video is working without cursor glitch, but now Trackpad is not working even using VoodooI2C ELAN kext injected into /S/E (funny was previous EFI, trackpad was working fine)
  4. Last update for now...i fix the trackpad (was the ELAN model) and Wifi using the itlwmx_v1.0.0_stable.kext and Heliport as workaround. Real pity that the cursor is so Broken, its very difficult to be used as daily driver as it. is this issues appearing in Big Sur too?
  5. I finished the install, but two issues arises - Trackpad not working - Cursor corrupted image. Also, no Wifi but since its an Intel AC9462 card i could not complain even when i try the Heliport with the drivers and kexts in the clover folder
  6. Hello... I have a Ideapad S145-15IIL with Core i7 Ice Lake and iris plus graphics. I manager to get Opencore installed in a USB drive and boot with all your EFI but i got stuck in a logo with the mouse and keyboard, seems that the Keyboard and mouse are not detected.
  7. Good news...I install your EFI folder and now seems to be working properly, I reboot warm and cold to double check several times and everytime the Nvidia web driver works as expected may I ask what was the problem/solution to my particular problem? Just to learn thanks in advance
  8. Here it goes Send me Pablituss-iMac.7z
  9. Hello...I discover Olarila las week and it was a blessing since i was trying another distros ans even Opencore Vanilla without sucess. my computer is: Intel core I7-5820k Mobo Gigabyte x99 G1 Gaming Wi-fi 16 GB RAM (4x4GB) Kingston Savage SSD240 SATA for Hackingtosh BPX 480GB NVMe for Windows Kingston A400 480GB for games nVidia Geforce GTX 1080 Founders Edition Olarila High Sierra ”Problem” is that on cold boot, the Hackintosh is booting with the “Display 7MB”...I install the latest nVidia Web Drivers using Nvidia.update command from Olarila tools and I can switch to GTX1080 after rebooting with success...all warm boots keeps the nVidia web Driver without issues. I try the nvda_drv=1 flag in clover, the NvidiaWeb=True in config.plist and some clover fixes for the lack of writable NVRam in x99....everything was futile. it is not a big problem (after all, just the switch in graphics and reboot ans voila) but I want to know if there any solution for this matter Thanks
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