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  1. I have disabled the Nvidia gpu because is not compatible. What else could I do to solve it?
  2. Where i put this folder at the efi partition? windows says i dont have acces or i have to modify the .raw archive? How do i modify it?
  3. i was not saying i want support by whatapp or telegram sorry for not explaining well i just want to give a tip. How can i solve my problem?
  4. i have seen i can donate can i donate with eth and less quantity than 30$? i wnat to pay for your time you are useing to help me
  5. My graphics card is an nvidia gtx 1650 and its not compatible with hackintosh how can i disable it and use integrated? i cant disconect the nvida card because i ahve a laptop
  6. How can i solve this? I have a laptop intel core i7 9750h and an nvidia 1650 mobile ram 16gb ddr4
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