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  1. Hey Maldon how to use this can you please help as I try this I got sound but no mic working should I delete fake pccid
  2. my laptop has a displayport and my monitor has displayport too not that much sure about hdmi as i have some sleep issue and it goes black btw you know how to scale as screen goes relatively small for 14 inch laptop how to enable hidpi if you have that problem
  3. Guys i have fixed trackpad gpu hdmi and audio too next major problem is sleep any help for that @bss111
  4. fixed apple alc audio now can you please help to fix resolution as on 14 inch laptop content is relatively small @MaLd0n and what s the use ssdt hpet and irq conflicts do i include that too in my efi for now just sleep and whatever green drm on safari not working and trackpad just lag on login screen
  5. Didn't work I have tried on Catalina many too I know I have the same problem like him in stated above post can you help what you solved
  6. Please check this I have same problem I have i3 you have solved this problem what is that the alc 256 and same asus ice lake like laptop I have elan 1200 trackpad which kext to use voodoi2chid or elan kext
  7. Bro can you share some photos of your laptop to see the difference with mine and touchpad as my touchpad is not working and audio
  8. I got my brightness and gpu fixed now my audio and touchpad is problem what to do in windows I got device I'd as Etpd1 and audio alc 256 realtek
  9. Brother I have fixed my machine and booted big sur I am having some problem in fixing gpu hdmi and touchpad till then can you share some screen shot of display tab and settings properties to get some idea
  10. I have fixed my config that was some acpi patch for USB now big sur got installed but now I have to fix display touch pad and brightness In previous Catalina efi I have full brightness control how to copy that
  11. HEY MaLd0n i need your help please check my efi and config i am not able to see usb mac os installer can only see apfs drive to install big
  12. Can you share screenshot and your config for working gpu in big sur I am having bad time to fix on ice lake as it is hardest to achieve on this processor than amd ryzen itself
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