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  1. But why wouldnt it work? The smbios says its supported on this version
  2. My first time hackingtoshing, on open core, and I am unable to boot into high Sierra with my current efi folder. The current efi I have now is unable to boot into Mac OS high Sierra. It currently works best on Mac OS 10.15 with uhd 630 working. When ever I try to boot into Mac OS High Sierra I am brought upon me a kernel panic and Iā€™m not able to get in. I am able to boot in with using rst and optane as opposed to Ahci, but my drive is never detected using rst optane as the sata mode. My specs are Nitro 5 laptop, with i5 8300h, Gtx 1050, 16gbs ram, 1 tb Samsung 860 QVO The
  3. Sorry more less for the late reply. Simply , no. Ive tried multiple ways and tutorials and i keep getting the same issue. Im still waiting for a fix myself.
  4. Thanks for the reply, but aren't these not for hd graphics? I tried the -HD620 and 630 10th and upon boot using your clover boot loader, it gives me error saying that osx isnt supported on this platform. However thats easily fixed just adding -no_compat_check under the args. And then im able to boot into the system. But once again when i boot into the system i still get the 7mb issue and im not able to use it properly.
  5. Yes it should be compatible with Sierra/HighSierra
  6. For a few days now ive been trying to get uhd 630 to work, with just failure. I am still not able to get rid of 7mb error and i am not able to properly use integrated GPU. Ive tried multiple of guides on YouTube, using modified .plist files, kexts, and custom efi files, and i still haven't gotten anywhere. It just boots back into back into 10.13 like normal, still giving me the 7mb error. I use the normal default vanilla high sierra, but i also use the intel 10 20 30 notebooks chipsets efi folder over here for clover https://www.olarila.com/topic/5676-folders-for-all-chipsets-clov
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