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  1. thanks bro for your time, you are a very wonderful person, i would like to know how soon can we get the patched DSDT file.
  2. Thanks once again, please i request you to help patch and here is the link for the generated File. https://filebin.net/vphv2u3p7nolls1y Thanks
  3. Thanks i finally got it, all i had to do was replace my EFi Files, Thanks, but the journey continues, moving on to the next issue
  4. Should I replace the config.plist in my Efi with this one and where can I locate the olarila folder. Thanks
  5. and please you can also attach the mandatory kext files, Thanks.
  6. Thanks Very much for your Time, attached herewith is my config.plist from my Clover folder config.plist.zip
  7. Thanks for being patient with me, but I am confused, I am in device and properties but don’t know how to add the file in the zip folder I downloaded. Please I really need you to help simplify, thanks
  8. How do I add the config for HD 520, I was able to solve audio problem and I just discovered trackpad is missing. Thanks.
  9. Please I am on the latest Catalina, but my audio doesn’t work and so also is my graphics card.
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