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  1. They clearly don't offer this service any more. No responses in many days and most are ignored. Probably only for donators, which I totally get. It's clear they get a lot of requests.
  2. Added the SSDT-EC for the ecdv to ec rename patch. Tried to install and again and same error. https://filebin.net/cu8i7vyty0hzo4ll
  3. Trying to install using olarila on my Dell Inspiron 7586 with i5-8265U, Intel UHD 620, 16GB DDR4-2666, as that seems to be the only one that gets me past booting and into the installer. I've tried configuring my own but it won't work. Anyways I get to install, setup the drive install, reboot and get to the black screen and then it fails and says it cannot install macOS. I've uploaded my efi folder and the log. Please help! https://filebin.net/8l4dfkhjgznf1933
  4. I don't see a whole lot of responses so I hope this works. Was able to get macOS installed using the generic Whiskey Lake files provided but would love a optimized system. I can't upload the file the runme.app generated though because it's 4.4 mb and the limit is 2.93. Hope the link is okay instead. https://filebin.net/ua9b1pgi2gik3s2o
  5. When I put that in it still hangs at the same spot. https://imgur.com/a/nyELp8D
  6. Hello, I was able to successfully boot to the installer and run it, it went through the whole process, rebooted got to the black screen with apple logo and went through that completely and rebooted again and now when I try to boot from the SSD I installed macOS on it gets stuck at "IOconsoleUsers: GIOScreeenLockState 3, hs 0, bs 0, now 0, sm 0x0. I'm confused why it would be a problem after it seems macOS X has been installed. Anyone have any ideas? Installing on my Dell Inspiron 7586 with an i5-8265U
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