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  1. Hi @MaLd0n unfortunately your updated Clover folder does not boot at all my Lenovo S145-14iWL, it's stuck in the garbled text before starting the boot (not sure what you call it). Moreover, the latest Catalina Supplemental Update of today, broke my normal boot with clover r5123 and after the update was done (via Preboot) the boot process stops somewhere late in the process. I have not discovered what is wrong and to be honest I did not expect this Catalina update to break this.... very disappointed Even tried your OpenCore zip file, something's wrong with this Catalina update, it ch
  2. Hi @MaLd0n thanks for your ZIP file! Please remember I have IdeaPad S145-14iWL not the 15" model. However, I see that in that ZIP you include in Kexts the v2.4.4 of the VoodooI2C that works fine anyway with previous ZIPs that you released in the last months. So besides Clover that has upgraded, what else changed more or less? In a greatly working Clover 5123 with Catalina, just changing VoodooI2C from v2.4.4 to v2.5.2 breaks ELAN0629 polling mode completely (unusable trackpad). No one managed to make interrupt work on this model, unfortunately... I personally tried also. I will
  3. Hi everyone, hi @MaLd0n I hope you are all well and safe. I am having an issue with my ELAN0629 using the latest VoodooI2C driver 2.5.2 on Catalina 10.15.7 and my 8th Generation S145-14iWL. I boot via Clover 5123 pre-OpenCore merge. The driver version makes the touchpad jumpy and totally unusable. With VoodooI2C v2.4.4 it works great. Any idea if we need to modify @MaLd0n DSDT from 1st post again? Something has changed for ELAN0629 in the driver or we need to update the DSDT... Anyone has fixed this please? Seems polling is the only way to go as pinning never worked for me.
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