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  1. ¡Hola compañeros! Recientemente ensamblé una máquina AMD 3900x. con gráficos mobo x570 y Rx560. Trabaja como un encanto en Logic. El rendimiento de la CPU es muy estable y todos los núcleos funcionan por igual. El único problema que tengo es obtener la activación de algunas licencias originales. Por ejemplo Waves 11. He intentado corregir SMbios, Mac ID Ethernet (en0) entre muchas otras cosas. Estoy concluyendo que el problema tal vez proviene del reconocimiento de la CPU. Mi pregunta es. ¿Podría hacer que el sistema arranque con reconocimiento de Xeon sin fallas? Si es así, ¿cuál sería el procedimiento? My Pc working whit Opencore and Catalina 15.4
  2. A friend has managed to leave me an ASurx560 to test. It starts with recognition, but the second DVI-d display is pink. Any ideas?
  3. Any update on my system or does Out of box work and best compatibility or GT710? I just saw WatherGreen.kext in OC. Is it necessary to have this plugin for my GT649Nvidia? Could this be a problem '?
  4. Hi everyone, I just got a new ryzentosh 3900. everything works fine (thanks to maldon for his wisdom) although I have a problem that I think is due to incompatibility with my video card. the model is Nvidia 640gt. I previously bought it for the support it had, but apparently it doesn't behave well in Catalina right now, is it? I have graphic acceleration, but sometimes I have lag on the mouse and Logic pro does not work well when I fill the screen of devices. I am thinking of buying an rx560. am i doing well
  5. Hello everyone! I have started a new mount with AMD Ryzen. My settings: Asus rog strix x570-e gaming Ryzen 3000 (Whitout X) Nvidia GT640 I would like to get SSDT for proper power management on this CPU, but I don't know if it can be done on this model. I would also like to get DSDT for my board, but I can't find any kind of patches for this model. My installation is Mojave 10.14.6 & CLOVER. I am working with NullCPU
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