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  1. it worked nevermind had to change my config.plist from a file.
  2. Hey me again sorry, I did the runmeapp sharing if u could help me with the video patch thanks in advance. http://www.mediafire.com/file/g0ri0tnsz1t9i63/Send_me_Carolinas-MacBook-Pro.zip/file
  3. @MaLd0n, I'm having a hard time to video patch the UHD can you give me a lead to where I should look for ? I checked your Hackintool method but I don't see my Catalina version there so I'm scared to mess up =/ update: nvm I forgot many things that I need to fix that's why is not working.
  4. Found your guide about video patch, a random question sorry if sound dumb. Im gonna need the usb stick forever to boot the olarila mac ?
  5. It worked Im in the Catalina already thank u so much. Still much to config but slowly I will get there.
  6. I have a 1050ti but i disabled following a guide of how to disable unsupported gpu for macos, i changed the bios settings and plugged the hdmi on the motherboard instead of the gpu. Maybe if i uninstall the drivers and even take it off from the pc u think it might help ? I'm using UHD 630 btw.
  7. Hey thanks for the files i used the appropriate EFI and placed the DSDT on PATCHED folder under ACPI, still getting black screen unfortunately. Catalina.7z
  8. Thank u I restarted from the beginning put the catalina on the usb stick and did the f4 process. origin.7z
  9. hey sorry i'm very new into this, how do i do that is on the request ? Because on the request ask to use runapp but i'm in windows yet. I think i made a progress putting EFI proper of my chipset but in the middle of the installation my screen get black and can't continue from there. I would love to make this work is my first time. EFI.7z
  10. Cpu: i3 8100 Motherboard: H310m Pro VDH (MS-7b29) Memory Ram: 8gb DDR4 2400mhz Hey guys i'm trying to make this work, i'm having issues with Catalina 10.15.4, really don't know what to do. I start and always get stuck on that message PCI configuration end, bridges 3, devices 15.
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