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  1. Hey Maldon, I need a api solution, please see attached my runme. I whatsapp'd you as well with the runme file. if possible to do an acpi solution for clover AND open core would be great! also would you be able to get my intel uhd 630 graphics working properly? would be great intel i3-10100, asrock h470m-itx/ac, WD nvme ssd, 16gb ram corsair vengeance ddr4 can't seem to attach runme file here, will also post in private message.
  2. hi so here's the send me file that the run me file made. hope it helps you out! Send me mikes-MacBook-Pro.zip
  3. Hello, i have a few issues with acer nitro 5 AN515-53-53U7 gaming laptop that i am trying to hackintosh. Will get to the DSDT part eventually. To start my specs are as follows: i5-8300H Intel uhd 630 graphics (seems to be stuck at 7mb so if i can get some assistance on how to fix this as well would be great!) nvidia gtx 1050 (i understand this isnt supported in mojave/catalina. i understand the -wegnoegpu flag disables the nvidia card?) 16GB ddr4 gskill ripjaws ram 512GB NVME western digital black N750 SSD - windows 500GB Samsung 860 EVO SATA III
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