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  1. Hi, my sound card is not showing up in Hackintool. I'm using Olarila Catalina + Ryzen 7 + RX570 + B450M chipset + ALC892 Hackintool_v3_4_4_y__Guide__Easy_Audio_Solution_with_AppleAlc___Clover_and_OpenCore_-_Guides_and_Tutorials_-_Olarila_y_AnyDesk.jpg.zip
  2. Hello, I have Catalina installed without problems, but I don't have audio via 3.5 "jack, however I do have sound via USB. I already validated that I have the correct kexts, but it doesn't work. Mi Hardware MB MSI B450M-PRO-VDH-PLUS Realtek® ALC892 Codec Ryzen 7 2700 RX 570 Boot SW: OPEN CORE Archivo.zip
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